April 2004, the Prosecutor of the ICC makes public receipt of a referral from the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to the ICC regarding the conflict in eastern Congo.

June 2004, the Prosecutor announces the opening of an investigation into the conflict and the commission of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court since 1 July 2002.

July 2004, the ICC begins its first investigative mission to the DRC

March 2005, Pre-Trial Chamber 1 of the ICC, convenes a status conference on the protection of victims and witnesses and preservation of evidence in relation to the investigation in the DRC

April 2005, the Prosecutor requests initiation of measures under Article 56

June 2005, Swearing-in of Defence Counsel

July 2005, Pre-Trial Chamber 1 convenes a hearing on the protection of victims in the DRC

July 2005, Swearing-in of a legal representative for victims

August 2005, Appointment of Ad Hoc Counsel for the Defence

October 2005, Pre-Trial Chamber 1 holds a consultation to consider the Prosecutor’s submission on jurisdiction and admissibility