Reintegration Programme

Based on consultations and planning meetings we held in 2014 and 2015 with focus groups of female returnees, in 2016 the Women’s Initiatives, the Justice, Reconciliation Project (JRP) with the Women’s Advocacy Network (WAN), launched a collaborative programme supporting and assisting the reintegration of female LRA returnees and their children. One of the recurring issues raised in our consultations and by those interviewed in the gender justice documentary, (No Longer Silent) was the high level of community hostility towards, marginalisation and rejection of, LRA returnees, especially females returning with children. The community discrimination and resentment towards these returnees was described by those we consulted with as, ‘one of the most significant barriers to being able to resume and rebuild our lives’.

The Reintegration Programme is a grassroots reconciliation model designed to re-establish trust, forgiveness and acceptance. These factors provide the foundational principles for the successful reintegration of female returnees as they pursue rebuilding their lives and create new aspirations for themselves and their children.