A priority of the Call it what it is campaign is to seek extensive input from survivors of sexual violence to understand what they think makes an act sexual. With the support of local and international NGO partners from 25 countries, approximately 550 survivors of sexual violence have been consulted thus far.

Consultations were conducted with survivors from Bosnia, Burundi, Cambodia, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Georgia, Guinea, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestine, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine and Zimbabwe, but also with Yazidi and male survivors.

Participants were asked to comment on various factors making an act "sexual" in nature. We received fascinating insights on what can be considered "sexual" but also identified elements that need not be present in order for an act to be considered sexual.

In interacting with survivors, Women's Initiatives and its partners sought to adhere to strict ethical standards, including the Do No Harm principles. The core aim of the consultations with survivors is to include them in a meaningful way in the process of developing the Civil Society Declaration. Those who took part in the consultations are regularly updated on the progress of the campaign and involved in the drafting process of the Civil Society Declaration.

Read the summary report here. Participants are informed about the aim of their input and the declaration through this statement.