The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice works globally to ensure justice for women and an independent and effective International Criminal Court.


The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice is an international, non-profit, women’s human rights organization committed to:

  • advocating for gender justice through the International Criminal Court (ICC);
  • monitoring the ICC to ensure implementation of the Rome Statute, including the gender-inclusive provisions;
  • ensuring sexualized violence and gender based crimes are a priority in the investigations and prosecutions of the ICC;
  • advocating for women victims/survivors to benefit from the reparations mechanisms and processes of the Court;
  • enhancing the capacity among women, particularly women’s NGOs in countries where the ICC is conducting investigations, in the use of international law specifically the Rome Statute;
  • consulting with women, women’s groups and NGOs most affected by conflict in situations brought before the ICC, to ensure their concerns and issues are incorporated into the investigations and prosecutions, and the Court’s work with victims and witnesses;
  • strengthening advocacy in women’s human rights and gender equality;
  • promoting the international gender standards of the Rome Statute and supporting national law reform to advance women’s human rights through use of the Statute and implementing legislation;
  • influencing and strengthening the gender competence of the ICC through training and the recruitment and appointment of women, including experts on gender and sexual violence amongst the personnel of the Court;
  • facilitating and maintaining a pool of experts on sexual and gender violence, victims and witnesses and institutional aspects of gender mainstreaming to shape the mechanisms developed by the ICC.