In March 2004 we launched the Global Recruitment Campaign to inform women of  positions at the International Criminal Court, to encourage women to apply, and ultimately to increase the number of women appointed to and the gender competence within the Court.

In 2005 we further developed the campaign to include regular updates on the work of the ICC, the work of the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice and current strategic vacancies at the Court.

Regular campaign emails are sent to our Global Outreach List of over 900 individuals, women’s organisations, national, regional and global networks, academic institutions, international coalitions and professional associations.  In turn, many of the organisations and coalitions pass this information onto their own networks providing a wide circulation for the campaign.

Since the campaign began we have:

  • successfully campaigned for a woman appointed to the position of Deputy Prosecutor (Head of Prosecutions)
  • successfully lobbied for the establishment of a legal advisory role with gender expertise within the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP)
  • closely monitored the recruitment processes and statistics at the Court;
  • regularly  promoted positions through our outreach programme;
  • actively encouraged and identified strong candidates for positions;
  • actively lobbied for the appointment of personnel with gender expertise;
  • conducted an annual audit of recruitment by the Court in relation to gender and regional representation
  • noted an increase in the number of women appointed to positions in both the Registry and the OTP
  • liaised between applicants and the ICC and where possible provided applicants with regular updates on the progress of recruitment for key positions.

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