Gender Training

In March 2004, the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice began advocating for gender training for the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In 2005, we conducted the following training for the ICC:

  • A Gender Training Seminar for staff of the Registry working with victims and witnesses.
  • Three Gender Training Seminars for the Office of the Prosecutor – (Uganda Investigation Team; Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Investigation Team; Darfur Investigation Team).
  • Produced three gender training handbooks and related resources tailored to each training.
  • Launched the Inaugural Gender Lecture Series.
  • Provided two gender lectures for the ICC.
  • Collaborated with the Coalition of Women’s Human Rights in Conflict Situations for the provision of a Gender Training Seminar for Judges of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
  • Provided a gender presentation for ICC Judges.

Activities 2006 – 2007

  • Gender Seminar Judges of the ICC

In February 2006, we conducted a one-day Gender Seminar for ICC Judges.

  • Gender Training for Associate Legal Officers (ALOs)

In February 2006, we conducted a one-day Gender Training Seminar for the ALOs of the ICC.

  • Refresher Training and Training for New Court Personnel

We expect to provide gender training for the ICC during 2007 as a ‘refresher’ for the staff who have already participated in the gender training during 2005, as well as for new staff who have joined the Court. This is on a ‘by request’ basis to be initiated by the ICC.

  • Gender Training for Field Staff

Our specific priority for the 2007 gender training will be training for field staff of the Court. To date, the ICC has established field offices in Uganda, the DRC and for Darfur. In 2007, we propose to provide gender training for field staff including victims support and protection officers, interpreters, security personnel and outreach officers.