Football for gender justice

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On 8 March 2012, the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice donated the Gender Justice Cup to the Kitgum District, Northern Uganda. This marks the beginning of the Football for Gender Justice Initiative which will see women’s football teams from Northern Uganda competing for this trophy each year in the weeks leading up to International Women’s Day.  The annual play-off for the cup will be held every year on 8 March for the two final teams.

“Football is an extremely popular sport in Uganda and will serve as a catalyst for the attention of the larger community,” said Jane Akwero, the Kitgum-based Programme Officer for the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice.  “The words ‘gender justice’ will become common use in the Kitgum District and beyond and this will be instrumental in transforming words into action,” she said.

The inaugural match this year was played on the 8 March 2012 at Odunglee Primary school playgrounds in Layamo Sub-county, between the girls’ football teams from Kitgum Town College and Vision College secondary schools. The Vision College won with a score of 3-1. TheGender Justice Cup will be presented to them during the first week of April 2012 by the Governor of the Kitgum District.

“This initiative aims at increasing the knowledge and support of gender justice at the community level,” said Ms Akwero.

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