2009 Gender Justice report card

Women’s Initiatives launches the 2009 Gender Report Card on the International Criminal Court

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On 19 November 2009, during the 8th Session of the ICC Assembly of States Parties, the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice launched the 2009 Gender Report Card on the ICC. The Gender Report Card analyses the institutional developments at the ICC during 2009, as well as the Court’s substantive work. The review of the ICC’s substantive work includes a summary of the investigation and prosecution strategy of the Office of the Prosecutor, analysis of key judicial decisions particularly on issues affecting victims and witnesses, and the work of the Registry and Trust Fund for Victims. The 2009 Gender Report Card contains a new section on trial proceedings that highlights testimony by victims of sexual violence in the ICC’s first trial.

The 2009 Gender Report Card provides the most comprehensive gender analysis of the ICC currently available.

Read the speech of Executive Director Brigid Inder at the Launch of the Gender Report Card.

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