International Gender Justice Dialogue

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From 19-21 April, the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice in collaboration with the Nobel Women’s Initiative is hosting the International Gender Justice Dialogue, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. More than 80 participants from a diverse range of disciplines will be coming together for a global, strategic conversation to advance gender justice and strengthen accountability for gender- based crimes with a focus on situations of armed conflict and fragile states.

This important Dialogue will be attended by advocates and leaders from current or recent armed conflicts including Sudan, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Palestine, Israel, Uganda and the Central African Republic as well as activists from countries with a history of coups and military dictatorships including Guatemala, Chile, Honduras, Fiji and Burma.

Joined by leaders from the fields of international criminal law, Nobel Peace Laureates, representatives of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and regional human rights courts,  peace mediators, women’s rights advocates, United Nations personnel, crisis-response  organizations, academics, communications specialists and donors, the International Gender Justice Dialogue proposes to develop a shared global agenda for advancing gender justice through accountability mechanisms, including the ICC, as well as through influencing the frameworks, instruments and outcomes of peace negotiations.

Follow the Dialogue online, where we will post daily updates, photos and video coverage of the events, stories and interviews illuminating the voices and strategies to emerge.  Bookmark this page to follow this important conversation.

Program (Spanish)
Program (English)
Program (French)

Concept paper (Spanish)
Concept paper (English)
Concept paper (French)

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