The ICC and Africa: One Decade on

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In September 2016, African Legal Aid (AFLA) published ‘The International Criminal Court and Africa: One Decade On’. According to AFLA, while the ICC can be said to contribute to criminal justice in Africa, it is hard to deny that the relationship between the ICC and Africa has been troublesome. The contributors to this publication use their unique specific knowledge, expertise and experiences as the basis for reflections on the current problems and possible paths for improvement, both when it comes to the ICC as such, and its specific relationship with Africa.

Find a link to the publication here.

Brigid Inder, OBE, Executive Director of the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, contributed a chapter entitled ‘Transforming Legal Concepts and Gender Perceptions’. This chapter provides a critique of jurisprudence of the International Criminal Court (ICC) with respect to the Lubanga and Katanga cases and in particular the treatment of sexual violence evidence and the link to individual criminal liability.

Read the chapter, Transforming Legal Concepts and Gender Perceptions, here.

Other contributors to the book include: Judge Monageng of the ICC; Judge Nahamya of the International Crimes Division (ICD) in Uganda; the ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda; as well as NGOs and academics, predominantly from the Africa region.

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