Launch of The Compendium

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The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice has launched a new publication called The Compendium. It is a concise compilation of current data and information on the Situations before the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as a review of each of the 25 cases brought before the ICC.

The publication was launched at a panel examining gender justice issues during the ICC Annual Assembly of States Parties Meeting in New York on December 6, with presentations from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, MADRE and the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice.

The Compendium is an easy-to-access review of the history of the Court’s casework and includes detailed overviews of: the status of each case; an analysis of sexual and gender-based crimes with reference to the Articles of the Rome Statute for these crimes; an overview of individual criminal responsibility with respect to charges for sexual and gender-based crimes; and comparative charts on Sentencing decisions and Reparations Orders in the cases to date.

This publication is a helpful companion for those invested in the ongoing evolution of international justice and the progress of the Court and, specifically, of the OTP in meeting its positive obligation to investigate and prosecute sexual and gender-based crimes.

To read The Compendium, click here.

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