Peace Path Ceremony

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On the 25th of October 2017, the second community reconciliation ceremony involving the laying of tiles on the Peace Path was held in Gulu, Northern Uganda. According to Judith Acana, Uganda programme officer for the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, 45 victims/survivors laid tiles on the Peace Path engraved with their names or the names of their loved ones who had been harmed, killed or abducted during the LRA-related conflict, in a ceremony attended by over 400 people.

The Peace Path is a public reconciliation initiative dedicated to those who were harmed in any way or are still missing as a result of the conflict. We are working with the Acholi Paramount Chief and the Cultural Leaders for the ceremonies which are intended to foster healing and reconciliation between those affected by the conflict and their communities, families and clans. We launched the Peace Path in April of this year and we plan to hold the tile-paying ceremonies two-three times a year.

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